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The Pleiadians are a high-vibrational energy of love committed to raising conscious awareness on the earth plane.

They encourage the manifestation of love into the everyday as they gently and directly facilitate movement from resistance and fear to love and freedom.

They know that as we move to the higher vibrational energy of love, the collective conscious awareness will be raised, leading us to harmony, peace and love for ourselves, each other and the planet.

While the Pleiadians partner with many on the earth plane at this time, their partnership with Barbara Wilson focuses on individuals and small groups. This opportunity for intimate communication with the Pleiadians forms the foundation for powerful transformation one person at a time.

About Barbara

Barbara Wilson MS, NCC, LCPC, a gifted intuitive since childhood, has a life-long connection to Spirit. She has woven this into her work as a college educator, psychotherapist, and healer. This connection has now evolved into a beautiful partnership as a trance channel with the collective energies known as the Pleiadians.

They join with her at this time on the planet to facilitate movement away from the energy of fear toward a new paradigm of wholeness, healing and love.

Experience this energy of love directly as they answer and address your questions.

About Mary Ann

Mary Ann Michaloski M.S. uses her intuitive abilities to raise conscious awareness. She is committed to identifying and clearing the areas of fear and constriction in her clients lives so that expansion to a higher consciousness can occur. This expansion can open the door to the experience of love where healing can occur.

Through the years Mary Ann has developed direct heart connection with the Christ Consciousness further strengthening her healing vision as a psychotherapist, college educator, writer and channel.

Her most recent work involves the identification of the shadow self which blocks individuals from achieving a full balance of the energies within the psyche. MaryAnn helps clients identify the shadow energy and facilitates clients with the clearing of this energy.


Ascension Retreats

The Pleiadians channel retreats designed to raise the conscious awareness of each participant and fill them with sacred energies through attunements and initiations. As consciousness is raised, so too are the vibratory frequencies of each participant. The retreat is channeled through Barbara and is intended to assist in raising the vibratory frequencies of earth from a place of fear to the sacred frequency of love.

To register for a retreat contact Sharon at email: [email protected]

Or phone 410-566-5457

Individual Private Sessions

Barbara is an open trance channel. During the session, she goes into an altered state of consciousness allowing the sacred energies to come through her and communicate directly to the client. The client then enters into direct dialogue with the Sacred energies of the Pleiadians.

The topics of the session are directed by the client.

The client may ask any questions or focus on any topics important to them.

These private sessions are done in person or over the phone.

The session lasts approximately one hour.

Each session is recorded and given directly to the client or mailed.

To schedule an Individual private session with the Pleiadians, contact Barbara at email: [email protected]

See Payment Options for fees and methods of payment


This as a time when the Pleiadians present sacred channeled teachings on a specific topic. After the presentation of the teachings, there is a question and answer period.

To register for a Forum contact Sharon at email: [email protected]

Or phone 410-566-5457

Spirit Circle

A gathering of approximately 10 like-minded people who come together to dialogue with the Pleiadians. Each person has 15 minutes with the Pleiadians, channeled through Barbara, to ask questions, ask for guidance or clarity, or inquire about loved-ones in Spirit. All the information is confidential within the group and everyone seems to benefit from all the responses.

To register for a Spirit Circle contact email: [email protected]

Or phone 410-566-5457.


The School for Conscious Awareness and Spiritual Teaching sponsors the Spirit Circles, Friday Night Forums, Ascension Retreats and Individual Private Sessions. These events are offered within the sacred space of the school's mission which is to facilitate the ascension process.

At this time, teaching will be shared by Mary Ann and Barbara.


Spirit Circles and Friday Night Forums are offered in person in the Baltimore area. For those who cannot attend in-person, Spirit Circles and Friday Night Forums are offered via teleconferencing. The teleconferencing schedule differs from the local schedule.

See calendar of events for the specific schedules.

For registration contact Sharon at e-mail [email protected] or phone 410-566-5457.

The access code will be provided upon prepaid registration for teleconferencing and playback.

Teleconferencing access:

Dial (712) 432-0075
Enter the access code

For session playback, dial (712)-432-1085
Enter the Access code

Payment Options

Fees are subject to change. Please validate the fee on the website when scheduling the event.

For your convenience, the following payment options are available:

  • Cash
  • Domestic Check or money order (mailing address will be provided upon registration)
  • PayPal: service fees apply for anyone using PayPal; PayPal is required for International Clients.

Pleiadian Forums
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To register for a Spirit Circle contact Sharon at email: [email protected]
Or phone (410)566-5457

To register for a Forum contact Sharon at email: [email protected]
Or phone (410)566-5457

To register for a Special Channeled Retreat contact Sharon at email: [email protected]
Or phone (410)566-5457

To schedule an individual private session with the Pleiadians, contact Barbara at email: [email protected]

To host a Spirit Circle contact Barbara at email: [email protected]